Preserving Yiddish and Defending History

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A mission devoted to keeping Yiddish alive as a vibrant language, literature and culture with dictionary, atlas, study programs, and unique video projects that bring the last in-situ Yiddish of the East European shtetl to today's students worldwide.
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In October 2019 Rebecca Cook traveled to Lithuania to visit Kupichok and Shedova, the shtetlach where her father and grandparents were born. While there she learned about the Lithuanian government’s revisionist history and its promotion of the Dual Genocide version of the Holocaust which states the Lithuanians suffered equally under the Soviet occupation to the suffering of the Jews during the Holocaust. She also learned about Defending History and its efforts to defend the history of the Holocaust from government and ultranationalist East European campaigns to impose the Double Genocide as a model for World War II history, glorify local collaborators and perpetrators, support remnant East European Jewish communities, preserve Yiddish and Litvak culture and defend old Jewish cemeteries.

She returned from her trip determined to help raise money to support Defending History’s efforts and created Preserving Yiddish and Defending History, a 501(c)(3), tax deductible charity.

Please help support this critically important work. Donations to Preserving Yiddish and Defending History can be made using the Paypal button below or by check made out to Preserving Yiddish and Defending History (PYDH) mailed to 431 Linden Avenue, York, PA 17404.

“President of Germany Honors Major East European ‘History Dissident’ Rachel Kostanian,
Longtime Head of Vilnius’s Only Holocaust Museum 22 February 2021″
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Various projects we are working.
* Survival of the  12 year old journal (with its thousands of posts)
* Monitoring neo-Nazi-, ultranationalist and Holocaust-revisionist activities,     including those emanating from governments in the Baltics and beyond.
* Defending the Western narrative of World War II internationally  against      the dangerous revisionism coming from those with sympathies for Hitler.
* Providing Yiddish circles, classes, events and brand new English-Yiddish       free online dictionary that is helping revive the language.
* Providing a free online virtual museum of old Jewish Vilna.
* Rescuing thousands of hours of tapes of Yiddish interviews with              Holocaust survivors in Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine, etc.and the            project to get them all online.